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Creative shadows

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Creative shadows 

Job-shadowing activity of fine art teachers


The project aims to observe teaching processes as well as to exchange best practices in the field of art courses by carrying out job-shadowing activity in LYCÉE FRANCOIS D’ESTAING (Rodez, France). The class observations also intend to gain a broader knowledge about the curriculum content used in the target classes. The job-shadowing activity is carried out by 14 art teachers who teach students in the following training programmes: Interior design, Painter (as an artist) Photographer, Graphic designer, Animation and movie specialist and Typographer.

It is also a key activity of the project to conduct discussions about how the Salesian Preventive System is applied in the targeted organisation.


Programme: Erasmus+, staff mobility

Partner countries: Hungary, France

Duration: 1st of September, 2019 – 31st of August, 2021

Project reference number: 2019-1-HU01-KA102-060842

Coordinator: SZÁMALK-Salesian Post-Secondary Vocational School



In a broader context, our school community consider job-shadowing activities as a useful tool in maintaining a high-quality education standard and to strengthen staff competences in the fields of professional expertise, problem-solving ability, sense of pedagogy, commitment and value-driven approach. The project aims to exchange best practices in art classes to identify the best teaching approaches and techniques.

Target group:

  • Art teachers of SZÁMALK-Salesian Post-Secondary Vocational School

Expected outcomes of mobility

During the mobility placements students of both schools prepare handmade and digital art works. Out of these pieces a collection will be put together and an exhibition is planned to be organized both in Rodez and Budapest. The preparation work of the exhibition aims to support professional competences of both students and teachers by providing them an extraordinary transnational activity, where they can exchange best ideas and practices.




  1. mobility: 4th of November, 2019 – 8th of November, 2019
  2. mobility: to be decided
  3. mobility: to be decided

News, events and meetings in connection with the project