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REACTI-VET Erasmus+ 2018


The project aims to provide effective and necessary training and support for VET teachers. Reacti-Vet would like to identify and respond to skill-gaps in the labour market. To do this the project invites relevant stakeholders to cooperate – students, parents, teaching staff, and particularly employers that have difficulties in finding skilled workers.


Vocational education is perceived as “occupations-specific education and training geared towards securing a supply of skilled labour” (CEDEFOP). Daily, though, we hear of ‘skills gaps’ – the mismatch between skills supply and demand in the labour market. Though this problem cannot be solved by education alone, vocational education is one of the key activities tasked with supplying an answer.


The consortium will develop, test and deliver standardized, comprehensive toolkits packaged as a set of teaching, collaboration, and communication methods. This will include a rapid curriculum development methodology for VET teachers, to be used in conjunction with potential employers, to identify skill-gaps and to design, develop and deliver upskilling training for students.

The toolkit will be tested within the IT sector, but the standardized version will be equally applicable to other vocational education subjects.


Title: Teachers for Reactive and Responsive Vocational Education

Acronym: Reacti-VET

Project ID: 2018-1-HU01-KA202-047816

Program: Erasmus+ KA2

Project Type: Strategic Partnership

Target group: VET teachers

Beneficiaries: VET students, employers

Participant countries: HU, IT, UK, EE

Project start: 1 September 2018.

Project end: 28 February 2021.


  • iTStudy Hungary Ltd. (HU)- lead partner
  • AICA Associazione Italiana Informatica e Calcolo Automatico (IT)
  • Fondazione ITS per le nuove tecnologie del Made in ItalyJobsacademy (IT)
  • BCS Koolitus AS (EE)
  • SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium (HU)
  • Veszprémi Szakképzési Centrum Öveges József Szakgimnáziuma, Szakközépiskolája és Kollégiuma (HU)
  • CAPDM Limited (UK)


1st event Hungary – Budapest, 8th-9th Oct. 2018
2nd event: Estonia – Tallin, 23-24. May. 2019
3rd event: Italy– Febr. 2020
4th event: Hungary-Budapest Febr. 2021

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